Zac changes coming in midseason tank update

Riot's Shrieve has come out to talk about the next champion to be updated: Zac.

Image via Riot Games

With the upcoming midseason tank update, many League of Legends fans and players have been curious about which champions will be altered in any way. Well, Riot’s own Shrieve has come out to talk about the next champion to see changes in the tank update: Zac.

“Although some of his abilities hit the mark, we feel that his kit could further stretch the blob man fantasy and give him a more distinct sticky feel in the Vanguard space,” Shrieve said.

  • Stretching Strike does little to explore the stretching punch idea and ends up having a very similar output to Unstable Matter (AoE damage when you’re right next to someone).
  • Let’s Bounce! is a more chaotic version of Wukong’s Ultimate (Cyclone) rather than the potential teamfight-defining moment that Zac’s unique, sticky, bouncy nature promises.”

This news seems to favor changes to make Zac’s kit more focused and well-rounded. At the time of writing, most Zac players use all of the champion’s abilities during one engage, so the changes could make Zac a more versatile jungler who can hold onto his abilities until the last second and give him more variety in the current state of the game.

This news also follows multiple posts on the League of Legends message board discussing which champions will be affected by the upcoming tank changes in the midseason update.

More information on future tank updates will be added once additional details become available.