You can now purchase Classic Bacchus in Smite

Don't overdo it with the wine.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Bust out your favorite bottle of wine because Classic Bacchus is back. You can purchase the original Classic Bacchus skin in Smite right now.

Bacchus is one of the most iconic characters in Smite’s history. Debuting in November 2012, Bacchus has been a consistently good Guardian for the majority of his Smite lifespan.

A few years back, Bacchus had his image updated to make him look a little less like Santa. Fans of the old Bacchus need not worry, however, because his original form is available once more through Classic Bacchus.

Some of you may be surprised to log in and find that you already own Classic Bacchus. The reason for this is that the skin was connected to a calendar event that took place in August. If you played throughout the month of August, odds are you have the skin.

Those who don’t have the skin won’t have to dip into their real-life wallet to earn it, either. Classic Bacchus is purchasable for 9,500 Favor, Smite’s in-game currency. Since it’s so easy to earn Favor in Smite, you likely already have enough to purchase Classic Bacchus if you so desire. You can earn Favor by playing nearly every game mode available in Smite.

You can head into Smite right now to roll back the sands of time and game on Bacchus like it’s 2012.