You can earn a free emote in Smite thanks to International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast, ye scurvy swabs!

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Ahoy, landlubbers. It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You can celebrate your own pirate escapades in Smite after you earn the Pirate’s Life global emote this weekend.

Smite is no stranger to the celebration of obscure holidays. It seems like every few weeks the Hi-Rez team comes out swinging with a new holiday-themed reason for us to log in. This weekend, players will have the chance to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day as they plunder their enemies in Smite.

To earn the Pirate’s Life Global emote, players will need to earn three first wins of the day. You’ll be able to earn these first wins of the day in any mode. You also won’t have to earn all three in one day. Players will have until Monday, Sept. 20 to earn their three first wins of the day.

A fresh emote isn’t the only way you can celebrate. You’ll have the chance to purchase the Pirate’s Booty chest for 25 percent off. This chest contains pirate-themed skins and it will cost you 150 gems per chest during the sale.

There’s no official word on the amount of time the chest will be on sale, but one could assume it may correspond with the obtainment of the global emote, which ends on Sept. 20. If you want some new pirate threads for your favorite God in Smite, roll the dice and snag a few chests while you can.