Yakuza series studio will host RGG Summit 2022 next week

Maybe a new game or a highly requested PC port.

Image via SEGA

RGG Studio is one of the top developers in Japan, releasing popular franchises like Yakuza, Lost Judgement, and Super Monkey Ball. Its latest game, Lost Judgement, was released in the middle of September 2021, with no news about what’s next. But it now appears that RGG is ready to give more information about its next project with the RGG Summit on Sept. 14.

RGG will host the RGG Summit on Sept. 14 at 5am CT, according to the announcement posted on Twitter. Fans who want to tune into the showcase can do so by navigating to parent company SEGA’s Twitch channel. The background of the tweet appears to show two dragons in the same art style depicted in the games.

Many fans have begun to speculate about what RGG Studio could show off during this time slot, which takes place right before the Tokyo Game Show. With recent leaks from the RGG offices showing off what appears to be images from a new Yakuza game, many are hoping for a Yakuza 8 announcement. With the company having released Lost Judgement last year, RGG may be due for a new Yakuza.

While some are hoping for the next Yakuza game announcement, RGG has eager fans who want to get their hands on the Judgement series. So far, neither game has been released on PC and some fans are hoping that RGG will soon be able to deliver.

Judgment was previously unable to come to PC due to the strict rules of Takuya Kimura’s talent agency about content on the internet. But the company has become more relaxed in recent years, even lifting the ban on images of their talent on the internet. While there’s been no indication, perhaps fans could also see the culmination of this with the release of Judgement on Steam.

With less than a week until the showcase, players are likely in for at least one major game announcement from RGG Studio.