Microsoft secretly revealed the Xbox Series S in June

Hidden in plain sight and nobody noticed.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S earlier this week and revealed pre-orders would open on Sept. 22. Although many believed this to be the highly anticipated first glimpse fans got of the console, Microsoft actually included a preview of the small-sized Series S in the background of a June interview without anyone noticing.

The Xbox Twitter account released a screenshot today of an interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer and Seth Schiesel during Gamelab Barcelona Live 2020, which took place from June 23 to 25. The console can be seen in between Spencer’s books, and while it isn’t completely hidden, it doesn’t draw attention either.

That wasn’t the only time Xbox snuck in a preview of the console without fans knowing. Phil also pointed out that the Xbox Series S was in his office during an interview with iJustine and Jenna Ezarik on July 24.

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Now fans have an idea of just how small the Xbox Series S really is since the only comparison is the Xbox Series X, which no one has seen in person as well.

The Xbox Series S will launch alongside the Xbox Series X on Nov. 10.