Xbox brings back original theme in latest update for Series X, S

Amongst other additions.

Hidden in the May system update for Xbox Series X/S is a nostalgic theme for long-time fans.

As part of the new dynamic themes for the console, an option called The Original features a background animation reminiscent of the original Xbox console released in 2001.

Almost two decades ago, the Xbox used this animation as its background for the dashboard of the console. This hint of warm nostalgia might be exactly what diehard Xbox fans need to jazz up the home screen of their laest next-gen console.

Along with some new themes, the May update also included a handful of changes and updates to improve the quality of life for its users.

The Quick Resume feature has been improved to boost both its loading speed and reliability, allowing users to switch between games faster and more efficiently than before. For audiophiles with an external speaker system, Xbox will now allow audio passthrough to facilitate the highest-quality listening experience on the console.

With Xbox Game Pass being one of the most popular add-ons for the next-generation Xbox consoles, the May update has made it simpler for players to check out trailers of the service’s games.

Finally, parents will now have more control over their children’s usage of the console with some new features that allows for the moderation of multiplayer features, restricting user accounts of children from accessing games that rely on online communication.

For specific details on these features you can check out the full update on the Xbox website.