Wordle game help: 5-letter words with ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘R’

A list to help with your daily game.

Screengrab via New York Times

Wordle is a fast-paced casual game. Many players can guess the correct answer in less than ten minutes and are then ready to wait until the new secret word appears at the next midnight.

The simple nature of the game is perfect for exercising vocabulary, using it for fun with friends, and betting to see who can find the correct answer in fewer tries or less time.

An interesting strategy that can help players find the secret answer quickly is to use a sequence of words in quick succession, no matter what clues they reveal.

Each word tests a letter totally different from the ones that were tested before, without repetitions. Chances are good that all five letters of the answer appeared before the last attempt. Then it will just be a matter of arranging them in the correct order.

While different and quick, it’s a risky strategy on days when the correct answer has repeated letters, but not having to think about which words to use saves a lot of time. Just prepare a list beforehand, like “FAINT”, “CHEVY”, “SWORD” and “PLUMB”.

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If you took a lot of guesswork and only managed to find that the secret word has the letters “I”, “O”, and “R”, but don’t know their order, here are some five-letter words with “I”, “O”, and “R”, sorted alphabetically so you have less work to filter your choices by. letters that you have already eliminated.

Five-letter words with ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘R’ to try on Wordle

  • ariot
  • aroid
  • biros
  • boric
  • brios
  • broil
  • chiro
  • choir
  • coirs
  • corgi
  • coria
  • corni
  • crios
  • croci
  • curio
  • doric
  • doris
  • droid
  • droil
  • droit
  • fibro
  • fiord
  • giron
  • giros
  • goier
  • goris
  • griot
  • groin
  • guiro
  • horis
  • houri
  • ichor
  • inorb
  • intro
  • iroko
  • irone
  • irons
  • irony
  • ivory
  • ixora
  • kiore
  • koori
  • korai
  • lirot
  • livor
  • loirs
  • loric
  • loris
  • micro
  • milor
  • minor
  • moira
  • moire
  • moria
  • nidor
  • nitro
  • noirs
  • noria
  • noris
  • oiler
  • oorie
  • orbit
  • orcin
  • orgia
  • orgic
  • oribi
  • oriel
  • orixa
  • ornis
  • orpin
  • orris
  • osier
  • ourie
  • owrie
  • pirog
  • poori
  • primo
  • prion
  • prior
  • proin
  • radio
  • ratio
  • reoil
  • rhino
  • rigol
  • rigor
  • rioja
  • riots
  • rivos
  • robin
  • roils
  • roily
  • roins
  • roist
  • rojis
  • ronin
  • roric
  • rorid
  • rorie
  • roshi
  • rosin
  • rosit
  • rosti
  • rotis
  • rozit
  • siroc
  • tiros
  • toric
  • torii
  • torsi
  • trigo
  • triol
  • trior
  • trios
  • trois
  • vigor
  • vireo
  • visor
  • vizor
  • zoril
  • zoris

All the words on this list are accepted by Wordle and will give you more clues as to which letters are present or not in the word of the day until you get it right.

Another good tip to get it right as early as possible is to find which other vowels are present in the word of the day to narrow down your options. Beware of words that may have repeated letters and don’t forget to try words you already know first, since Wordle tends to choose more common words as the right answer.

These tips should help you complete your latest Wordle task.