Wordle game help: 5-letter words ending in ‘INT’

A list to help with your daily game.

Screengrab via New York Times

Wordle was originally released in October 2021 and challenged the entire world to guess five-letter words in up to six tries with the only clues being information like in the Mastermind game.

Every day, many players share their experiences and strategies on social media. Each player ends up choosing their favorite words or strategies to start their matches.

One of the most famous strategies is to start using words with many vowels to quickly find out which ones are in the right answer. It is possible to eliminate large groups of words this way.

Other people prefer to have a completely different experience using a strategy that makes Wordle almost an anagram game; you can use five trials to test each letter of the alphabet. The player will have one last chance and the information of which letters are present, but it is risky if the correct word has repeated letters.

In the end, what matters is finding the best way to have fun, which is unique to each player. So even if you want to start with that weird word that only you like, go ahead and have fun.

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If you’ve used your first guesses and only found that the correct answer has the letters ‘INT’ at the end, here are some five-letter words ending in ‘INT’, sorted alphabetically so you’ll have less work to do with filtering your choices by the letters you’ve already eliminated.

Five-letter words ending in ‘INT’ to try on Wordle

  • ahint
  • clint
  • daint
  • elint
  • faint
  • feint
  • flint
  • glint
  • haint
  • joint
  • meint
  • noint
  • paint
  • point
  • print
  • quint
  • saint
  • skint
  • stint
  • suint
  • taint