Wobbles coming back to competitive Smash, joins Panda Global

After a short absence from national tournaments, Super Smash Bros

After a short absence from national tournaments, Super Smash Bros. Melee Ice Climbers legend Robert “Wobbles” Wright has signed with esports organization Panda Global.

Wright marks the fifth player in Panda’s Smash lineup and the second in Melee. Wright joins fellow Melee player Justin “Plup” McGrath, as well as top tier Smash 4 players Eric “ESAM” Lew, Jestise “MVD” Negron, and Shane “SS” Bruce. Wright will also be casting at more events with the help of the team.

“Wobbles is an incredible player who spent time in-and-out of retirement but is still a top level contender, taking out some of the Melee’s top players this year alone,” Panda Global Chief Executive Officer Alan “SamuraiPanda” Bunney told the Daily Dot. “But what actually attracted us to Wobbles is his intelligent writing and that his in-game commentary is deep, insightful, and always entertaining.”

Wright has a long history in competitive Smash. He’s placed in the top 10 of many events around the world since 2006, with his most notable achievement a second-place finish at EVO 2013. He’s popularized Ice Climbers. An advanced technique in which the character chain-grabs his opponents has been named “wobbling” in honor of Wright’s play on the character.

Now, with a sponsor behind him, expect to see more of Wright on the competitive scene.

Photo via Robert Paul 

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