Will Football Manager 2023 be available on Steam Deck?

Can you take the PC version of the game on the go?

Photo via Valve

Football Manager 2023 is a game that can be played on many different platforms. The latest version of the game will be available on PlayStation and in Apple Arcade for the first time, increasing its presence for both mobile games and on console.

There are also versions of the game available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, which offers a mobile version of the game that you can take anywhere you like. For some people, however, the classic PC version of the game is the way to go. But what do those players do when they want to take their game on the go with them?

The Steam Deck is Steam’s answer to the Nintendo Switch, allowing PC players to play games from their Steam library on a portable device, away from their PC setups. Football Manager seems like a perfect game for the Steam Deck since it focuses far less on playing through games and more on navigating through menus that let players build their teams and tactical plans.

But with all that said, will the newest Football Manager game be available on the device?

Can you play Football Manager 2023 on Steam Deck?

Football Manager 2023 won’t be available to play on Steam Deck for the foreseeable future, at least not in a way that the game is intended to be played. In a statement given to Dot Esports, Sports Interactive said that it has “no plans to officially support Steam Deck certification for FM23.” That means that while you might be able to open the game on Steam Deck, it hasn’t been certified by Valve to actually work correctly on the device, and it doesn’t seem that Sports Interactive is planning on making changes to the game to support that functionality.

That doesn’t mean there’s no chance that Football Manager 2023 will ever be certified for Steam Deck. But at the moment, it doesn’t seem like a Steam Deck version of the game will be a great experience for Steam players.