Why Every Fan Should Read “Talking Esports a Guide to Becoming a World-Class Esports Broadcaster”

Several hours ago I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner's new e-book,  "Talking Esports".

Several hours ago I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner‘s new e-book,  “Talking Esports”. For those not familiar, Chaloner is a well known member of the esports community most notable for his thirteen years as a shoutcaster and more recently his position as Head of Broadcasting at Gfinity. He carries ample experience hosting and casting Quake, Counter Strike, DotA and more. His book explains almost everything you need to know about attempting to break in to the world of esports broadcasting. Despite most having no aspiration to move into this line of work, I would recommend it to any fan regardless. The insight that he provides will help you appreciate the average mundane competitive gaming event in a new way. Being involved in various scenes for so long has made his experience and expertise universal.

The book, which is approximately 90 pages in length, teaches everything from dealing with abuse to the best techniques for on air speaking. The best part of this book? It’s absolutely free, the only requirement is that you share a tweet about it. I cannot stress how much I recommend it, for anyone curious it can be found here on Chaloner’s website.