Who is the voice actor for Aiden Caldwell in Dying Light 2?

A familiar voice.

Image via Techland

Dying Light is getting ready to take fans of the franchise on to another journey which will be centered around Aiden Caldwell, the new protagonist.

Aiden Caldwell’s voice actor in Dying Light 2 is Jonah Scott, a name that anime fans may be familiar with. Aiden has a sizable portfolio when it comes to anime, and you may have heard his voice before in the following series.

Image via Jonah Scott
86Raiden Shuga
Akudama DriveCourier
Attack on TitanWilly / Additional Voices
Drifting DragonsBadakin
Edens ZeroJinn / Additional Voices
Fire ForceTakigi Oze
High-Rise InvasionSniper Mask
Hortensia SagaRoy Bachelot
Irina: The Vampire CosmonautMikhail Yashin
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden WindFormaggio
Kageki Shojo!!Kousaburou Shirakawa
Kengan AshuraLihito
Kuroko’s BasketballKaisou No. 6
One-Punch ManPhoenix Man
Re-MainRiku Momosaki
Record of RagnarokSeijuro Yoshioka
SK8 the InfinityKojiro Nanjo / Joe
Super CrooksJohnny Bolt
The Way of the HousehusbandTatsu

The American voice actor will be giving life to Aiden Caldwell in his adventures. Dying Light 2’s storyline will feature Aiden searching for his sister while suffering from memory loss. Aiden believes that his sister is the missing piece in the puzzle and he’ll have to go through various endeavors in the City.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is set to release on Feb. 4 and players can pre-order the game now to unlock the Reload Pack.