Who are all the voice actors in The Quarry?

A massive, star-studded cast.

Image via 2K Games

The next release in the series of cinematic interactive horror games developed by Supermassive Games is The Quarry, which is now available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The game serves as a “spiritual successor” to Supermassive’s widely acclaimed Until Dawn release, and like the previously released 2015 game, it features an all-star cast of actors with experience in the scary movie/horror genre who are also lending their likenesses to the game.

Here’s the list of every voice actor appearing in The Quarry.

David Arquette as Chris

“As the friendly owner, operator, and all-around father figure of Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, Chris is devoted to making sure his campers surrender their cell phones and enjoy the wonders of nature,” Chris’ bio on The Quarry‘s website reads.

David Arquette, Chris’ voice actor, played Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise, Benny in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and won the World Heavyweight Championship in World Championship Wrestling.

Siobhan Williams as Laura

“Laura’s excited to spend a quiet summer in the woods as a camp counselor alongside her boyfriend Max,” Laura’s bio reads. She’s described as a resourceful and curious student who’s pursuing a veterinarian career.

Laura is voiced by Siobhan Williams, who also played Emily Chadwick in Forsaken, Jamie Lewis in Heartland, and Esme Black in Black Box.

Skyler Gisondo as Max

Max, Laura’s boyfriend, is described in his bio as a class clown that has “trouble applying himself and seeing things through.” But despite his faults, Max is loyal and friendly, making the couple a good match.

Max is played by Skyler Gisondo, the voice of Lance Brannigan in Licorice Pizza, Gideon Gemstone in The Righteous Gemstones, and Eric Bemis in Santa Clarita Diet.

Ariel Winter as Abigail

“Abigail is so deeply buried in her sketchbook that she can’t see how well her artistic skills and kind disposition are appreciated by her peers. Socially awkward but sweet and sincere, she’s dying to find some romance before the summer is out,” Abigail’s bio reads.

Ariel Winter plays Abigail in The Quarry but also played Alex Dunphy in Modern Family and voiced Gretchen in Phineas and Ferb.

Brenda Song as Kaitlyn

“Kaitlyn embraces the idea of living out loud; always going toward the fun and never afraid to stir the pot a little,” Kaitlyn’s bio reads. “Her amiable nature and ingenuity means she can adapt to any social environment, often allowing her to slip into the de facto role of ‘leader,’ though she sometimes struggles to express her own needs in stressful situations.”

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans will recognize Kaitlyn’s voice actor as Brenda Song, who played London Tipton in the Disney show. Song also played Christy Ling in The Social Network, Madison Maxwell in Dollface, and JJ in Station 19.

Evan Evagora as Nick

Nick, a “teen heartthrob,” is soft-spoken and athletic with a touch of “nerdy vulnerability,” according to his bio. He’s described as putting up a wall to keep people from getting too close.

Evan Evagora, who played Elnor in Star Trek: Picard, voices Nick in The Quarry.

Halston Sage as Emma

“Emma is something of a documentarian, capturing and commenting on nearly everything through her phone’s front-facing camera for her loyal followers,” Emma’s bio says. “As a talented actress and enterprising influencer, she runs the camp’s drama activities, teasing out the best (and worst) in everyone she meets.”

Halston Sage, the voice of Emma, played Lacey in Paper Towns, Kt. Alara Kitan in The Orville, and Ainsley Whitly in Prodigal Son.

Justice Smith as Ryan

“Most won’t ‘get’ whatever’s coming through his headphones, but Ryan lives for connection, even if he does lean into the whole brooding, handsome loner thing,” Ryan’s profile says. “Beneath the reclusive persona is the heart of a hero, determined to prove himself to those he cares about.”

Justice Smith played Franklin Webb in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Tim Goodman in Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Theodore Finch in All the Bright Places.

Miles Robbins as Dylan

“Campers and counselors alike love Dylan’s oddball humor and deep musical knowledge, broadcast daily over the camp’s PA system… but beneath the affable, edgy persona of his radio voice, a much different person lies in wait, terrified of rejection,” Dylan’s bio reads.

Miles Robbins, the voice of Dylan, played William in The X-Files, and Dave in Halloween (2018).

Zach Tinker as Jacob

Although a bit egotistical, Jacob is described as having a charming streak and “genuinely wants his fellow counselors to have a good time,” according to his bio.

Zach Tinker voices Jacob, and was previously cast as Fenmore Baldwin in The Young and the Restless, and Sonny Kiriakis in Days of Our Lives.

Ted Raimi as Travis

“Sheriff of the small town of North Kill, Upstate New York, Travis swore an oath to protect and serve—and that’s exactly what he does.”

The voice of Travis, Ted Raimi, played various roles in the The Evil Dead trilogy, Ted Hoffman in the Spider-Man trilogy, and voiced Sam in the Evil Dead: Regeneration video game.

Lance Henriksen as Jedediah

Lance Henriksen plays Jedediah in The Quarry, but he also voiced General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Admiral Steven Hackett in the Mass Effect trilogy, and Bishop in the Alien franchise.

Ethan Suplee as Bobby

In addition to voicing Bobby, Ethan Suplee played Seth Ryan in American History X, Toby Welch in The Wolf of Wall Street, and Randy Hickey in My Name is Earl.

Lin Shaye as Constance

Lin Shaye played the receptionist at Haven in Alone in the Dark, a teacher in A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Elise Rainier in the Indidious series.

Grace Zabriskie as Eliza

Grace Zabriskie played Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks and the Twin Peaks film prequel, Emma in The Grudge, Mrs. Ross in Seinfeld, and The Crone in Charmed.