Where to find quartz in My Time at Sandrock

Some elbow grease might be required.

Image via Pathea

My Time at Sandrock has a lot of items builders can use to make their machines, and some of the early machines and craftable items require quartz to make them. The game doesn’t do a fantastic job of telling players how to find quartz besides where to get it from machines, but quartz is quite easy to get early in the game.

Players should grab their Pickhammers and head out to what the game has dubbed the “Quarry”. What this really means is the area around your workshop. Crossing the railroad tracks will take players into the town, but on the side of the tracks where your workshop sits is technically called the Quarry. That is the area you’ll want to focus on when looking for quartz.

In the Quarry, you’ll find a lot of things to mine for items, but what you’re looking for in order to get some quartz is gravel. Smack the gravel with your Pickhammer and you’ll have a chance at getting some quartz from it.

Screengrab via Panthea

It isn’t guaranteed you will always get quartz from gravel, but spending a day out in the quarry mining gravel should yield enough of it to keep you going for a while.

In addition to mining for it, once you have an Ore Refinery, you can put some materials in for guaranteed quartz. Below is the table for what you need to put in versus how much quartz the machine will give you.

  • 10 stone – 1 guaranteed quartz
  • 10 copper ore – 1 guaranteed quartz
  • 10 tin ore – 2-3 guaranteed quartz
  • 10 iron ore – 6 guaranteed quartz

Deeper into My Time at Sandrock, putting the ore into the Ore Refinery will get you quartz, as well as the possibility to get other rare gemstones you can use elsewhere. Players can also throw the stone they’ve accumulated into the Refinery in order to get some extra quartz.