Where to find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2

Increase your survival odds.

Image via Techland

Inhibitors are your best friend in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. During your quest to stay human, you’ll need Inhibitors to increase both your stamina and your health so that you can jump higher and live longer while exploring.

You’ll need three Inhibitors to upgrade either your health or stamina. Thankfully for players, though, there are plenty scattered all across the open-world area. Additionally, the GRE key that you acquire during the game’s lengthy prologue will help you pinpoint some of their exact locations.

Where can you find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2?

You will find Inhibitors in GRE containers, which are white and green containers with biohazard stickers on them. Once you find one, you just need to use a lockpick to open it. Lockpicks can be crafted with scraps.

Your first Inhibitors will be acquired by completing the main story quests that start after the prologue. You should collect six Inhibitors throughout the prologue and the first main quests after the world opens, which is good enough for two upgrades. Now you’re in a stronger form to take on the open world and collect more of Inhibitors for yourself.

Here are some activities and locations where you’re sure to find some Inhibitors:

  • GRE Anomalies – an area will be guarded by a vicious, powerful infected enemy. Defeating them will let you access the Inhibitor next to them. Most only appear at night.
  • GRE Quarantines – quarantined-off buildings filled with infected. You’ll have to either sneak or fight your way through to reach them.
  • Military airdrops – Crates of goods that have been parachuted in, with a chance of Inhibitors in there.
  • Metro stations – Inhibitors can sometimes be found here after powered on.

Inhibitors and GRE crates can also be found randomly throughout the open world, but there’s a typically a catch to acquiring them. This usually means they’re surrounded by infected or in a hard-to-reach spot.