Where to find D’s brother in Elden Ring?

Wakey wakey.

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Though players can enjoy and explore Elden Ring at their own pace, some quest lines will send you all over the map. Most of these tasks do a great job at explaining where you need to go, but others may have some room for guesswork, which can give you hard time if you occasionally skip or don’t listen to some of the dialogues.

During Fia and D’s quest line, players will receive a letter from Rogier explaining D’s brother’s predicament and ask players to rescue him from his slumber.

Not only will you need to find D’s brother for this quest, but you’ll also need to go prepared since you can’t just wake him up with a nudge in the head.

Where is D’s brother located in Elden Ring?

Screengrab via FromSoftware

To find D’s brother, head inside the Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, Eternal City. He’ll be sitting on a balcony near the Mist Gate with his hands over his head. While your first instinct may be to throw a few punches at D’s brother to wake him up, you’ll need D’s Twinned Armor to get him out of his slumber. If you have the armor ready, interacting with him will prompt you with two choices as the game will ask you whether you’d like to hand over D’s Twinned Armor to D’s brother, and doing so will be enough to wake him up.

Where to find D’s Twinned Armor in Elden Ring?

If you don’t have D’s Twinned Armor in your inventory, you’ll need it before you can wake up D’s brother. To add D’s Twinned Armor into your inventory, you can choose to kill D when you meet him or cause Fia to kill him with the Weathered Dagger.

While the first way of obtaining the armor requires no explanation, the second method will require you to travel quite a bit around the map as part of D, Hunter of the Dead’s quest line. Players need to speak to Fia at the Roundtable Hold to collect the Weathered Dagger. Before you can interact with Fia and pick up the dagger, you’ll also need to unlock Altus Plateau.

Once you have the Weathered Dagger in your possession, give it to D and the events leading to his death unfold. Reload the area and you’ll find D’s corpse in a room nearby. Collect the Twinned Armor off the floor, which will be all you need to wake up D’s brother.