Where to find all Tarot Cards in The Quarry

You should have picked them up when you had the chance.

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Completing the main story may not be enough to consider a game “complete” for some players. Unless you paid close attention to picking up all the collectibles during your first play-through, there will likely be quite a few of them waiting for you.

There are a total of 22 secret Tarot Cards in The Quarry, and you’ll need to collect all of them to complete your trophies/achievements. Considering they’re hidden in various places during chapters, you will need directions to make sure you find all the Tarot Cards as fast as possible.

All Tarot Cards in the Prologue

There is only a single Tarot Card in the Prologue, The Fool. This card can be found when Laura goes off into the woods while Max fixes the car. When she steps out, the camera will turn and you’ll be able to see the card.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter one

Chapter one also has a single Tarot Card, Temperance. This one’s easy to miss, and you’ll be able to find it after Jaboc enters the Lodge after climbing through the window. You’ll need to leave the library and make your way to the kitchen.

The Tarot Card, Temperance, will be noticeable when you enter the kitchen.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter two

Chapter two features only one Tarot Card, The Hanged Man. You’ll need to make a specific decision to find this Tarot Card. When you’re asked to choose what you’d like to take when Abigail and Nick go for a walk, pick the Rocky Road.

While exploring the Rocky Road, you’ll need to turn left at the fork in the road to find The Hanged Man Tarot Card.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter three

There are two Tarot Cards in the third chapter, The Tower and The Star.

The Tower can be found when Abigail makes her way to the woods after leaving the firepit. Pay close attention to the camera angle here, since you’ll need to wait for it to be on Abigail’s side. Once that happens, turn left and keep moving along the trail. The Tower will slowly become visible as you continue to move down the path.

The Star is easier to find compared to the Tower. You’ll need to wait for Jaboc to enter the boathouse. Make your way inside, and the Tarot Card will become noticeable.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter four

Like the previous chapter, there are two Tarot Cards in chapter four, The Magician and Strength.

You can find The Magician when you start playing as Emma. Right after you start controlling Emma, turn around and move toward the end of the pier. After the cutscene ends, you’ll be able to continue moving toward the edge and pick up the Tarot Card.

The second Tarot Card, Strength, will become collectible as you start controlling Dylan. This Tarot Card is a part of a cutscene, and you’ll need to use your interact button to pick it up before the door to the Lodge opens.

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All Tarot Cards in Chapter five

There are two Tarot Cards in chapter five, The Devil and The Hermit.

To find The Devil, make your way to the center of the cabin near the big tree. The card can be found in the middle of the swing that hangs from the tree and the picnic tables.

You’ll need to move toward the left of the radio hut to find The Hermit. It’s outside of the hut.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter six

The two Tarot Cards in the sixth chapter are Justice and The Moon.

Justice will be discoverable while you’re playing as Jacob. Get to the downstairs and start moving around slowly until you notice the Tarot Card.

The Moon Tarot Card is in the pool house. Check the showers as Abigail, and head to the one in the middle to find the card.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter seven

There are two Tarot Cards in the seventh chapter, The World and The Chariot. Both of these cards can be picked up while you’re playing as Laura.

The World card is hidden under Laura’s bed in her cell. Move toward the bed and you should be able to see it underneath the bed.

The Chariot is located outside of Laura’s cell. You’ll need to make your way to the office area. Move toward the center of the area, and the camera will shift to the ceiling as you’re walking between the desks.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter eight

Chapter eight features a total of four Tarot Cards: The Lovers, Wheel of Fortune, The Empress, and The Emperor.

The Lovers can be found after Laura and Ryan fall into the quarry. Move along the main path, and turn left after the cutscene. You’ll find yourself on a platform where you’ll be able to pick up The Lovers Tarot Card.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card shows up after clearing the way after the cave-in sign. Once you’re done removing the boards, the Tarot Card will pop up to your left.

The Empress can be picked up after leaving the quarry, as you move toward the Hackett House’s basement. There will be a side room on your left where you’ll be able to find The Empress Tarot Card.

The Emperor Tarot Card can be collected shortly after picking up the Empress. Return to the main path, and continue moving while keeping an eye on your right to make sure you don’t miss The Emperor Tarot Card.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter nine

Players will be able to find a total of four Tarot Cards in chapter nine. These Tarot Cards are Death, The Sun, Judgment, and The Hierophant.

Death will become available after the Constance encounter. When Ryan shows up, make your way toward the middle of the room, where you’ll be able to pick up the Death Tarot Card. Make sure not to do anything else before finding this card, since you won’t be able to find it if the next scene triggers.

To find The Sun Tarot Card, follow along the main path after Laura makes an appearance with the piano. Find the room with larger-than-normal windows, and The Sun Tarot Card will be waiting for you there.

The Judgment Tarot Card can be found in the Scrapyard. Climb up the containers after opening the gate. The Tarot Card will be in the middle of the containers, across the yellow crane.

The Hierophant is located inside the storm shelter. Make your way toward the parking lot stairs, and the card will become visible as you get close to the stairs.

All Tarot Cards in Chapter 10

There’s only a single Tarot Card in chapter 10, and it’s The High Priestess.

To find The High Priestess, go upstairs while you’re in the Lodge. Move toward the left when you’re upstairs, and look for the room with a large carpet. There will be another set of stairs in this room which will lead you to the third floor, where you’ll find The High Priestess.