Where to farm Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

These items are key to gaining more rewards in tough battles.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact’s robust open world consists of many places to discover and people to meet. But it’s also home to numerous mysterious creatures—some friendly, but many dangerous. By interacting with the animals and monsters that roam the land, either through slaying them or successfully catching them, players will gain materials they can use to power up their adventurers.

One of the more elusive items gained by encountering creatures in the wilds of Teyvat is Crystal Cores. Although they aren’t used in many crafting recipes, they’re vital components of making some important items.

Crystal Cores can only be obtained by catching Crystalflies of various elements, normally fluttering about in some of the game’s central locations. These insects will only respawn every two days in real-time.

Screengrab via miHoYo

Players searching for Crystal Cores should make their way to Windrise or the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt, or the Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. The Statue of the Seven in Windrise is home to multiple Anemo Crystalflies that circle the giant tree, while even more can be found in the orchards of the Dawn Winery. Teleporting to the Domain of Guyun in the Guyun Stone Forest will allow players to immediately encounter Geo Crystalflies. But like all variations of the rare insect, it will immediately begin to flee when spotted.

Screengrab via miHoYo

Some more of these Crystalflies can be found on Narukami Island, where players will first land upon reaching the islands of Inazuma. They can specifically be located around the base of Mt. Yougou under the Grand Narukami Shrine, as well as on the path to Inazuma City. For higher-ranking players, there is also an abundance of Electro Crystalflies available in Tatarasuna on Kannazuka, though with the added worry of taking constant damage from the Electro radiation. 

After obtaining Crystal Cores, they can be used to craft items that increase resistance to certain elements. But its most notable use is to craft Condensed Resin, which allows players to double the rewards they obtain from Ley Lines and Domains. The recipe for Condensed Resin is obtained by reaching a reputation level of three in Liyue, accessible after reaching Liyue Harbor and advancing through the beginning parts of chapter one of the Archon quest.