Where to buy Animal Crossing Series 5 Amiibo Cards

They're available starting Nov. 5

Image via Nintendo

During October’s Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced a new set of 48 Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing will come out in early November.

Starting on Nov. 5, players will have the chance to get Series Five cards. They get packs that have six cards each, and they include characters you can add in Animal Crossing.

Pre-orders for the cards are not yet available, but when they are, you should be able to find them at Animal Crossing’s official website. Once the cards officially release, fans can purchase them at the official website as well as the Nintendo Store on Amazon.com.

Retailers can also stock up on the cards, so check with your local retailers, like Target and Walmart, to see if they might have some available if you’d rather not wait for shipping.

Amiibo cards are more than just collectible trading cards: they also serve a purpose in Animal Crossing itself. By using one of the compatible cards, you can bring the character on the Amiibo card into the game.

This series of cards is slightly lighter in numbers than previous sets. The four main sets of Amiibo before this one had 100 cards. The new set comes at the same time Nintendo is releasing the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: Horizons.


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