Where to buy a MrBeast Burger

Check if there is a location near you.

Image via Night Media

MrBeast is known for his outlandish YouTube videos ranging from intense challenges like being buried alive to buying entire car lots and giving them away for free. He consistently outdoes himself with new acts of charity or challenges that accumulate millions of views. 

MrBeast recently expanded into the food industry with MrBeast Burger. The new food chain features an extensive menu of items named after several notable creators in his videos, like Karl’s Deluxe patty merlot or the Chandler Style burger. Fans might not have a chance to make it into a MrBeast video, but they can still pick up a MrBeast Burger from one of the locations worldwide. 

There are several MrBeast Burger locations across the United States, and fans can also try the burgers in Canada, Quebec, and London. The best way to find the nearest MrBeast Burger is by checking the official website. There are often multiple locations in each city, and you can place an order for pickup or delivery through the site. You can type in your address to see if delivery is available from a nearby location, allowing you to order a tasty burger from home.  Fans can also download the official MrBeast Burger app, which provides the same information as the website. 

MrBeast Burgers are currently only available through official locations. Fans without a nearby location are unfortunately out of luck, but more locations will likely appear in the future.