Where is the sleeping dragon in Elden Ring?

Searching for Runes? Look no further

Image via FromSoftware

Whether players are going through their first or fifth playthrough of Elden Ring, Runes will always be an essential part of the gameplay. They allow players to either level up or purchase gear, items, etc. to make their character stronger.

The normal course of Elden Ring doesn’t always allow players the best chances to earn Runes, though. To compensate for that, players have resorted to farming Runes using various methods. One of the best methods of earning a large number of Runes involves finding and killing a sleeping dragon.

The sleeping dragon was discovered very early on during Elden Ring’s life cycle and has been a popular stop for players. Essentially, this dragon doesn’t move while players slash at it and eventually kill it, which rewards a huge number of Runes. The process to kill the dragon can take a long time depending on what weapon players are using, but that time is well-spent for the reward.

Of course, before players can think about killing the dragon or thinking about what they’re going to spend their Runes on, they need to locate the sleeping dragon in Elden Ring.

The sleeping dragon’s location in Elden Ring

In order to find the sleeping dragon, players will need to travel to the dangerous region of Caelid. This is the reddish landscape region that’s found to the east of Limgrave. General Starscourge Radahn is found here along with a number of deadly enemies that can kill players in one or two hits, no matter their level in Elden Ring.

The sleeping dragon is located in the central part of the region, south of the Minor Erdtree that’s found right before the northernmost tip of Caelid that juts out into the water. The dragon is found directly next to Fort Faroth, which has a Site of Grace if players have discovered that location already. If players don’t have a Site of Grace near the fort, then they might need to go through the Siofra Well that’s found in Limgrave.

Upon reaching the end of Siofra in the underground, players will surface in Caelid at the Deep Siofra River Well Site of Grace. From this grace, it’s a short walk directly east to find the sleeping dragon, otherwise known as Elder Dragon Greyoll.

The sleeping dragon’s location in Caelid. Image via Fextralife Wiki Map

Upon reaching the sleeping dragon, make sure you have a Hemorrhage (bleed) weapon with you, or a way of increasing the bleed on your weapon. This makes killing Greyoll much easier, as the dragon’s health goes down faster when bleed is applied. If you don’t have a Hemorrhage weapon, then something Poison, Scarlet Rot, or Frostbite will also work, although these weapon types kill the dragon significantly slower.

If you want to kill Greyoll another way, you can eliminate all five of the smaller dragons surrounding it. These are Greyoll’s children and killing each one will deal 1/5th of Greyoll’s health. Killing all five will eliminate Greyoll.

Once the dragon’s health is completely gone, you’ll be awarded 74,000 Runes and can exchange Greyoll’s Dragon Heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Limgrave. If you kill the sleeping dragon in a New Game Plus, you receive significantly more Runes.