Where do you find the save game location in Elden Ring?

Sites of grace will always trigger the game's robust autosave, but there's usually no need.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring players looking to save their game after defeating a boss or finding a valuable item will be pleased to learn that the game has a frequent autosave system. There is no need to manually save the game, although resting at sites of grace will trigger the automatic saving system.

If anything of consequence happens in the Lands Between, a little icon briefly appears on the screen to indicate that the game is saving. Although enemies reset when players die, there is no other way to lose progress in the game. Any recently-found sites of grace persist, and inventory items will permanently stay in the inventory, even after death.

The one exception to the game’s near-constant automatic saving is that Elden Ring will never autosave during combat. Active combat will prevent players from saving, so it’s impossible to save halfway through a boss fight, for example.

At any other time, to leave the game in its current state, simply go into the menu and select ‘Quit Game’ under settings. Any runes or items collected and any enemies defeated will persist, and players can expect to return to the exact same game state. When players return, they’ll be in the same place, with the same items, and the same amount of runes.

Remember, there is no need to visit a site of grace or travel anywhere else to save the game.