When does VALORANT launch for Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game pass is saving players hundreds of dollars.

Banner showing Riot games coming to Xbox
Image via Microsoft

During the Xbox + Bethesda showcase, Xbox announced that it would be partnering with Riot Games to bring a wide range of new content to Game Pass. Announced in a short presentation, Xbox Game Pass stated that League of LegendsVALORANTWild Rift, and more will be coming to Game Pass. Not only that, but players will have access to all the characters inside League and Valorant. 

Many players are curious when VALORANT and all its champions will be coming to Game Pass. Players may be able to check out this game as soon as this winter, according to the brief presentation shown during the showcase. When the game hits Game Pass, all the characters in VALORANT will become free for all players.

In addition to VALORANTplayers can get full access to some of Riot Game’s other popular titles. As shown above, all the League of Legends champions will also be available. Other characters will become readily available in Teamfight Tactics and Runeterra to help players get started.

This is a huge addition to Xbox Game Pass and might be their highest value to players yet. Those who won’t use Xbox Game Pass will still have to purchase each legend they want to use, easily racking up hundreds of dollars. By offering all legends on Game Pass, players don’t have to spend any more than the $9.99 subscription price each month.

Players will likely hear more about the new Game Pass and Riot partnership as we get closer to Q4 2022. However, players can hop into Riot’s games now to get practice before the full release onto Game Pass later this year.

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