When does Ghostbusters VR release for Meta Quest 2?

You're the one they're gonna call.

Image via nDream

The Ghostbusters series has been entertaining generations since the first movie premiered 38 years ago. Now, the ghost fighting series is getting its own VR game announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022. As stated via a slide at the beginning of the showcase, all the games shown are slated to release sometime this year, including Ghostbusters VR.

The slide also noted that these games are subject to be delayed if the development faces any issues. While the trailer showed no gameplay, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new trailer and website for the game.

The trailer only features cinematics rendered in-engine, but they give an idea of the gameplay. Players will likely be on a team of four who will work together to fight ghosts at different locations. The trailer even features a red ghost with eyes in his hands and rapid movement.

This game is likely to be a favorite among those who grew up with the Ghostbuster franchise, finally allowing players to slip on the flight suit and take on these mischievous spirits. Fans of the franchise will also recognize some of the tools in the trailer, like the P.K.E. Meter and the Proton Pack.

NDreams is a VR developer that has put out previous titles like Fracked and Far Cry VR. It’s also putting out Little Cities, a city builder, sometime in Spring 2022.

The game has no set release date but is expected to come out sometime before the end of 2022.