What’s the difference between HowLongToBeat playstyles on Game Pass?

Use the styles to help pick your next adventure.

Image via Microsoft

The Xbox App on PC received a significant update today, introducing a new feature allowing players to see how long a game will take to complete at a glance.

Microsoft partnered with HowLongToBeat, a popular website that shows how long it takes to complete a game, to provide the same information directly in the Xbox App. The feature also has a few categories to help you understand how long it will take to complete a game based on your style.

There are four styles included in the HowLongToBeat section in the Xbox App:

  • Main Story (Required)
  • Main Story and Additional Quests/Medals/Unlockables
  • Completionist (100 percent)
  • Combined

The Main Story (Required) refers to how long it takes to complete a game if you only complete the main objectives. The Main Story and Additional Quests/Medals/Unlockables style accounts for completing the main objective while also taking into consideration exploration and extra tasks. The Completionist style estimates how long it takes to complete the game if you finish every objective, side quest, and every other feature in the game. Finally, the Combined style accounts for all playstyles in its estimation.

The new information will help players determine what game they want to download and enjoy from the PC Game Pass at a glance. Want a quick game that can be finished in a few hours? Say no more. Looking for an intense adventure where you can sink in dozens of hours? Check the estimated completion time and get to grinding.

The HowLongToBeat styles can be found under the details tab of supported games in the Xbox App.