What We Want: Esports

The esports economy has developed from being obscure and unmonitored 10 years ago, to now generating revenue of about $747 million.

The esports economy hasdeveloped from being obscure and unmonitored 10 years ago, to nowgenerating revenue of about $747 million, according toSuperData Research.It’s estimated that the esports industry will exceed $1.9billion by 2018. These numbers may be optimistic; in reality, noone truly knows where esports will be in another 10years. 

Everyone that is involved inesports might not agree where the direction of the scene is headed,but the few things we agree on hold true.

We want to work in an industrythat is not static.
We want to be constantly evolvingand learning about new ways of thinking.
We want to build something that isconstantly evolving and learning.
We want to work in a funenvironment that is stimulating and always presenting newchallenges.
We want to be able to use ourskills and research to create new ways of thinking.
We want to work in an environmentthat allows room for growth.
We want to be able to explore newideas and put them to use.
We want to make people say,“Why didn’t I think of that?”

In 2000, there were 12competitive gaming tournaments; by 2016, that number hasdramatically increased to 540 and still counting. This includes thelargest esports tournament to-date, The International 6, which had a prize pool of$20,770,460. Thisclearly shows a huge indication of the rate of growth in theindustry and explains why so many other sectors are rushing toinvest and integrate. 

All I have in this life isendurance. I don’t give up. Even if it all goes to shit and I fail,I keep going. – Thooorin

If your industry is notprogressing and changing daily, does it challenge you enough?Esports might be one of the youngest industries, but it’sproven we are not static and that we are continuously developing.Our industry is not perfect and we’ve had our own history ofproblems, such as match-fixing, but it’s proven to havetransformed the scene for the better. The history of esports isincredibly fascinating, but it is surely nothing compared to whatis around the corner.

Fraser ‘Spazer’ House is the COO at GAMURS and canbe contacted on Twitter @spazcraft.

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