What is the Bazaar safe code in Dying Light 2?

This safe is easy to crack.

Image via Techland

There are several safes hidden around Villedor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, each containing a valuable item you don’t want to miss. The only problem is each safe has a unique code that you must find to get the goodies inside. 

One of the first safes you will likely encounter is in the Bazaar church tower. You can reach this spot as soon as you get access to the open world, and you’ll also be sent here if you follow a certain path in the Missing Persons side quest. Either way, finding the code for the safe is easy. 

Reaching the church tower can be tricky, so make sure to follow the parkour path alongside the Bazaar. You’ll eventually reach the roof and can head into the tower through a small entrance. You can also jump into the lower room directly from the rooftop. Climb into the room above to find the safe on top of a box in the corner. 

You can find a poster with a collectable tucked behind it on the opposite side of the room from the safe. The collectable presents the following math problem: “5*100+15-5=.” This is a simple equation to solve, but we’ll save you some time and give you the answer: 510. 

Head back to the safe and enter the code to find “Carl’s Journal #4,” which is the last tape in the series. This tape provides backstory, and any player who enjoys the lore of Dying Light 2 should add this tape to their collection.