What is the 100 Thieves video game? Release date and everything we know

What is Project X, and when will players get their hands on it?

Screengrab via Nadeshot/YouTube

100 Thieves have officially announced “Project X,” a brand new video game the esports organization is developing themselves. The announcement for the project came on Wednesday, May 18, when the org released a video featuring CEO Nadeshot, as well as President and COO John Robinson.

But what exactly is the new 100 Thieves video game?

There’s still plenty of unknown information about the game, as it’s only just been announced, and the game is in the earliest stages of its development—some devs are still being hired. Still, 100 Thieves provided some hints about the future of Project X and what the game might look like.

Here’s everything we know about Project X, including genre, release date, and more.

What is Project X?

Project X is a game that is being developed by 100 Thieves. The name “Project X” is a code name for the project for now, and it will eventually receive its official name at some point in the future.

Project X is still incredibly early in its development, but 100 Thieves stated that it was going to take a different approach to making a video game, beginning with input from its pros and content creators, instead of designing and building the game first, and then getting the input from players. 

Project X currently has one main employee at 100T working on it: Pete Hawley. Hawley’s credits in game dev include work on titles like Fable, Black, Little Big Planet, and Killzone. He was also an executive producer on Burnout Paradise. What stands out about Hawley’s credentials is the sheer variety of games that he’s developed. 

Nadeshot and Robinson, however, did leave a few hints about what genre of game Project X might become. While they refused to disclose what type of game 100 Thieves is making, both mentioned discussions about Halo as the genesis of 100 Thieves making their own game. Nadeshot referenced Halo again in his message to 100 Thieves fans on Project X’s Twitter.

There’s no telling just what Project X might become. But between the Halo references and Nadeshot’s competitive background, It seems like a decent bet it will take the form of a shooter.

Project X’s bio also mentions the game will be built by the 100 Thieves “community,” suggesting input from 100 Thieves fans might go into the making of the new game.

When does Project X release?

Project X does not yet have an official release date. As the game is just beginning its development, it will most likely be a couple years before we see the game, or even get a release window.

Robinson did mention their team is “bad at keeping secrets,” and will likely leak information about the game as it happens, so more news might come sooner than you think.