What is happening on Reddit during April Fools’ Day and how you can participate

The subreddit has returned after five years.

Image via Reddit

The once-popular Reddit community r/place announced it would be coming out of hiatus for April Fools’ Day this year.

The r/place subreddit is a communal 1,000 by 1,000-pixel canvas that began as a social experiment during April Fools’ Day in 2017. The entire subreddit was dedicated to people making artwork by placing one pixel of their color choice once every five minutes by tapping anywhere on the canvas.

More than a million users placed over 16 million pixels on a blank communal digital canvas during the last run. The final art piece consisted of a little bit of everything from video games, anime, National flags, and more.

“We learned from the original experiment that people online are naturally collaborative, that Redditors are more creative than we are, and that Reddit is a place where great things blossom,” said Alex Le, EVP of Strategy and Special Projects at Reddit. “April Fools’ Day on Reddit has a history of inspiring how we build new features on the platform.”

The next run of r/place will be available across Reddit for 87 hours, starting on April 1 and ending on April 4 at 11 pm CT. In that time, community members will be able to come together again and create artwork unlike any other. But a lot has happened since 2017 and communities are already planning new artwork to add. A few members from the VALORANT subreddit shared their vision of adding Wide Killjoy to the mix.

To participate in r/place Redditors can click on the new widget icon with the letter “P” at the top of the home feed, or open their community drawer in their app and tap on it. From there they will be navigated to r/place and be able to participate in the event as long as they are logged into an account.