What is geekhack.org?

Heaven for keyboard enthusiasts.

Image via geekhack.org

The gaming community is so expansive. From the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation to comparing the latest and greatest PC builds, there is always something to debate and discuss. The internet has made it easy to share ideas and communicate with other gamers, especially thanks to websites like geekhack.org.

The website geekhack.org is a popular forum for computer keyboard enthusiasts created by iMav. A top option for users outside of popular subreddits like r/MechanicalKeyboards, geekhack.org is a site for thousands to discuss the newest keyboards releasing, personal favorites, keycaps and switches, DIY projects and mods, keyboard ergonomics, and tons more. The forum is also a prominent place to discuss any gaming input devices, including controllers, trackpads, remotes, and even steering wheel setups. 

What helps geekhack.org stand out is its interest checks and group buys. Community members can create their own products and gauge interest from the rest of the community. If enough people are excited about a proposed design and would like to purchase it, users can work together with vendors to run a group buy, manufacture it, and sell it. Of course, geekhack.org also allows users to give their opinions and feedback on a product before it is taken to a vendor to make sure it is in the best shape possible. 

There is also a convention held every year called KeyCon. While the 2020 convention was, unfortunately, a virtual event, the convention is filled with speakers, vendors, and presenters. If you’re looking to learn even more about the ins and outs of your computer keyboard and gaming setup, geekhack.org is an informative place to visit.


Tim Schuetz