What does sleep do in V Rising?

Pass the time safely as you wait for night.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising lets players live out the life of a vampire, procuring supplies (and blood) from local settlements and enemies while simultaneously trying to build a castle to reside in. It also takes plenty of cues from classic vampire stories and lore. This, unfortunately, includes sunlight.

The sun is a problem for players in V Rising. Direct exposure to it for more than a second or two will cause players to take serious damage, and players will know exactly when things start getting too toasty for their vampire skin when a burning animation begins to envelop their character. While finding some shade will prevent players from taking sun damage, it’s usually easier to simply wait things out until nightfall. And for that, players can easily rely on one of V Rising’s simple mechanics: sleep.

What does sleep do in V Rising?

Sleeping in a coffin is an easy way to ensure your vampire can wait out the sun and make it to the next nightfall safely. The game requires you to have a coffin to sleep in, but once you have one, it’s one of your surest bets for safety. When sleeping inside a Wooden Coffin or a Stone Coffin, your character will be safe and sound from all sun damage, and you can easily wait for night.

Sleeping in a coffin is also great to ensure your safety from enemies. Your character can’t be attacked while sleeping, which is a mechanic players should take advantage of if they need to step away from their game. Since V Rising can’t be paused, sleeping is a great way to give yourself a break while playing the game if you need one.

Of course, players can also use the safety afforded by sleeping to escape from enemies. Even if an enemy is close on your tail in V Rising, they can’t attack you once you get in your coffin. They might hang around outside the coffin for a little while, but they’ll eventually go away, leaving you to emerge from your slumber safely.

Does sleeping in V Rising heal you?

While sleeping in many games comes with the benefit of healing a player, sleep does not heal vampires in V Rising. Players can heal while outside a coffin using their Blood Mend ability or by using consumables like Blood Rose Brew. 

Does sleeping in V Rising make time pass faster?

Sleeping in V Rising doesn’t affect the time of the game’s day and night cycle. While many other games offer “sleeping” or “waiting” mechanics that players can use to skip forward in time quickly, sleep doesn’t work like that in V Rising. It’s simply a means to wait out a bit of time safely.

Players shouldn’t expect to immediately jump forward to night every time they get into a coffin and go to sleep. Instead, they can get up from the game, grab a snack or a drink, and rest assured that for the time being, their character won’t take any damage.