What are notes and what do they do in Elden Ring?

Grab these useful items from merchants.

Image via FromSoftware

As you explore the world of Elden Ring, you’ll come across various merchants selling useful items. Some offer unique cookbooks that open new crafting options, while others sell armor and weapons. One item you might encounter but not fully understand is notes, but you should buy them whenever possible. 

Notes in Elden Ring provide vague details about certain locations or upcoming enemies in the Lands Between. They are usually brief and only offer small hints, but they can warn you about new enemies, points of interest, or items you can find in nearby locations. 

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After purchasing a note, open your inventory and navigate to the Info tab. There, you’ll find all purchased notes and can read them. Feel free to reread them as needed, especially if you’re trying to find the item or location the notes describe. 

The Flask of Wondrous Physick note, for example, tells players about a Flask that “still remains in the Third Church of Marika, north of the Mistwood.” It also provides directions to cross a bridge and follow an animal trail north, helping players find the prize. Notes do not mark a specific location or place on your map, so you’ll need to rely on the information provided to find whatever the note describes.

Notes are not needed to progress the Elden Ring story, but they add context to areas or help you find interesting places, encounters, and items. Grab all the notes you come across to make sure you aren’t missing any hidden surprises.