Wall-E’s hidden requirements for the Broken Memory quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the cutest characters in the game needs some help.

Image via Gameloft

The adorable Wall-E is one of the first characters players can meet by opening the doors in the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and his quests allow players to bring back some of his memories during the course of their playthrough. One of those quests has some hidden requirements that are stumping players.

The quest is called Broken Memory and players have a few requirements to unlock it. They must be friendship level six with Wall-E and have unlocked the Forest of Valor. There is also one hidden requirement that fans can’t see.

That hidden requirement is actually a specific memory that drops when players clear Night Thorns. Small Night Thorns will sometimes drop memories and players will want to look for a specific one to unlock the hidden requirement.

Screengrab via Gameloft

The memory that unlocks the hidden requirement shows a very beat-up photo of Wall-E looking down at a recording device in the Valley with his house in the background. Once players have this memory, they’ll be able to complete the quest, which will require players to recreate the recorder in the image.

How to complete the Broken Memory quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you unlock the hidden requirement and talk to Wall-E, head to his house and find the broken machine near the black shelves on the left. You’ll then have to travel back to Wall-E’s realm and dig up a part to fix the machine. Then, you’ll need to craft 12 Tinkering Parts, which are made up of Iron Ore and Coal Ore.

Repair the machine on the worktable and give it to Wall-E to complete the quest.