Valve to host Steam Next Fest event in June

The event will feature hundreds of demos and content with game developers.

Screengrab via Valve

Valve introduced the Steam Next Fest today, which will act as a celebration for new games of all sizes and is set to include hundreds of game demos to let players try upcoming titles out. 

Overall, Steam Next Fest is a rebrand for the previous Steam Game Festival that aims to “more directly communicate its focus” on the games, their developers, and letting the community learn more about what’s coming to the platform. 

Set to run from June 16 to 22, Valve is pushing Steam Next Fest as a way to safely give players the opportunity to get hands-on experience with new games, watch featured developer livestreams, and chat with the teams behind some of the games about what they can expect from their titles. 

This continues an increased push from the company to highlight games of all sizes through various events over the last year that have been geared toward providing early access and demo builds to fans using Steam. The last example of this was the February Steam Game Festival, which showcased a lot of indie titles. 

With this timing, Steam Next Fest will directly compete with several summer game showcases, including the digital variation of E3, which is reportedly set to run from June 15 to 17.

There are no details yet on if the wider Steam Next Fest content will be distributed outside of Steam to platforms like Twitch. More information will likely be shared closer to the start of the event.