Epic Games keeps the ‘Unreal Tournament 3’ community alive

Fear not, Unreal Tournament 3 fans: Your online deathmatches aren't going anywhere.

Image via Epic Games

Fear not, Unreal Tournament 3 fans: Your online deathmatches aren’t going anywhere. Epic Games has announced a patch that will migrate gamers from the now-defunct GameSpy servers to its own.

GameSpy was an institution in the world of online multiplayer gaming. Beginning life as a curator and host of mods, and a news site for the id Software shooter Quake, GameSpy would later move on to providing middleware for online gaming, such as matchmaking software and multiplayer servers. The company then blossomed into a full-on games journalism site that ran news, previews, and reviews.

In early 2013, GameSpy announced it would be shutting down. Gamers rightfully worried about what would happen to games whose multiplayer services were integrated into GameSpy. Developers had to switch titles to new servers to keep their multiplayer components running, and in some cases fans chipped in to the effort, or else those games would just stop working online.

So when Epic Games, developers of Unreal Tournament 3, announced their patch, fans were predictably excited.

You can find links to client patches, and a link to a Q&A forum for the patch, on the website.