University simulator Two Point Campus gets delayed until August

The study halls need a bit of extra polish.

Image via Two Point Studios

Developer Two Point Studios has delayed its upcoming game Two Point Campus to an Aug. 9 release. Pitched as an academic-flavored twist of its 2018 title Two Point Hospital, game director Mark Webley said Two Point Campus needs a little while longer in the oven to play best on all platforms.

It was originally slated for a release next month on May 17, coming to consoles and PC alongside a day one release on Xbox Game Pass. But news of a delay came alongside a new video from the development team exploring their vision for the business simulator as it became clear a polished release would require a few extra months.

“Our ambition from the start has been to release Two Point Campus across all PC and console platforms simultaneously to the quality and standard that our community expects from us,” Webley said in a blog post that accompanied the video’s release. “This means we will need a little bit more time with Two Point Campus to make sure we deliver the best possible game that can be enjoyed equally on all platforms. We will use these additional three months to optimize Two Point Campus.”

While the delay is a bittersweet footnote to the reveal of further details and gameplay for Two Point Campus, the new video goes in-depth on what players can expect from the second game set in Two Point County. Building is now less restrictive than it was in Two Point Hospital and a greater focus is put on the relationship you form with the students and staff in your care, as well as the relationships they form with each other.

While the business building and caretaking may feel familiar to fans of the company’s previous work, Two Point Studios expressed how much community feedback from Two Point Hospital has shaped improvements and additions to the formula that will make Two Point Campus a worthy evolution.