Ubisoft Australia donates $30,000 to support those affected by bushfire crisis, no in-game items as of yet

"Immediate action is required."

Image via Ubisoft

In-game items don’t seem to be on the horizon, but Ubisoft Australia donated $30,000 in aid to the Red Cross relief fund after wildfires ravaged the nation.

Ubisoft Australia addressed the bushfire crisis on Twitter yesterday, explaining that in-game items would take too long to develop and “immediate action is required.”

“The bushfire crisis has devastated communities across the nation and the scenes of loss are heartbreaking,” Ubisoft Australia said. “We’ve heard the calls requesting we create in-game items to encourage donations, however this takes considerable development time and we feel immediate action is required.”

The Australian bushfires devastated the country and engulfed almost 18 million acres of land, resulting in the death of 27 people and millions of animals, according to CNN. To show its support, the gaming community called for developers to make in-game purchasable items to raise money for the country in its time of need. But new skins and cosmetics can potentially take weeks to develop, and Australia needs support now.

The Australian developer encourages fans to contribute to the cause directly, citing several organizations “working tirelessly” to aid the fire-torn country.

Ubisoft’s main headquarters in Paris contributed over $500,000 to the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral after a structure fire broke out in April 2019. The Notre Dame was a fully explorable building in the publisher’s action-adventure game, Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Though in-game items haven’t been completely ruled out for the future, it may take some time before fans can get their hands on them.