TSM employee reportedly calls out CEO Reginald at company town hall meeting following investigation results

The meeting was reportedly held hours after the investigation findings were made public.

A lit up, neon TSM logo on stage.
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Following the release of findings from an investigation of TSM CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh and allegations that he verbally abused and harassed employees, the company held a town hall meeting after the investigation found that that there was “no unlawful conduct” performed by Dinh.

At the meeting, however, a TSM employee reportedly aired their grievances publicly with Dinh regarding how the findings were announced, and whether a potential culture change would occur. According to Washington Post Launcher reporter Mikhail Klimentov, one employee asked Dinh why TSM informed their sponsors of the investigation findings before employees.

The same employee allegedly questioned the likelihood of a culture change at TSM, considering that Dinh described the initial allegations as “highly exaggerated.” The employee also accused Dinh of passing them over for a promotion and said that Dinh had told them they “wouldn’t be able to handle his bullying.” Dinh reportedly replied that he did not remember saying that to the employee.

Allegations of Dinh bullying TSM employees came to light in November 2021, including a public on-stream allegation by former TSM player and League of Legends star Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. Following these allegations, the TSM board of directors created a special subcommittee and hired investigator and attorney Lynne Davis to conduct an investigation.

Davis’ investigation revealed there was “no unlawful conduct” by Dinh, nor inappropriate conduct “aimed at and/or based on any protected characteristic, i.e. gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.” However, the investigation did find that Dinh provided feedback in an “aggressive, harsh, and frustrated tone.” Three witnesses had also claimed to hear him call employees “stupid,” “trash,” or “worthless,” but other witnesses said that he was referring to a work product and not the employees themselves. Six of the 31 witnesses interviewed “characterized Mr. Dinh’s conduct as being a ‘bully’ and creating a ‘culture of fear.'” The other 25 did not.

Dinh has reportedly accepted mandatory executive training for himself, as well as leadership training, culture building training, and an anonymous reporting hotline for employees to lodge future complaints.


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