To Leave cinematic trailer promises puzzle-platformer beauty from Freaky Creations

Hopefully this game will open doors for the devs.

Image via Freaky Creations

To Leave’s cinematic trailer was released today, showcasing the wild and fantastical door-holding experience that players are in for.

This indie game, developed by Freaky Creations, follows Harm, a man who harvests souls using ancient technology, all in the hopes of taking everyone and himself to heaven.

The beautiful art design highlights the bleak lifestyle of To Leave’s protagonist, this puzzle-platformer incorporates creative and visually stunning modes of transport throughout the To Leave landscape. 

To Leave’s trailers (watch the latest one down below) display a wide variety of level types, and a deep storyline for fans to get immersed in. 

The title’s storyline discusses depression, focusing on the grueling “state of mind that tempts you to open any doors if they allow you to leave everything behind.”

The previous gameplay trailer was released in 2018, showcasing To Leave’s unique game design and thought-provoking storyline. Harm traverses the To Leave world, clutching a magical door, gathering collectibles, and deciphering puzzles along the way.

To Leave is developer Freaky Creations’ first and only title. The puzzle-platformer was released in 2018 and sports positive reviews on steam. The developers’ dedication towards their only title will hopefully continue throughout their game catalog as it progresses.

To Leave is currently available on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with Freaky Creations’ title planning to fly onto the Nintendo Switch on Friday, Sept. 9.