Smash commentator talks Smash 4, humor, and growth

Hundreds of Smashers continue to fight for the precious remaining spots here at Big House 4

Screengrab via VGBootCamp/YouTube

Hundreds of Smashers continue to fight for the precious remaining spots here at Big House 4. While players grind it out for a place in the finals, one voice in particular is embellishing their trials. I sat down with Terrence “TKBreezy” Kershaw to get his thoughts on Smash 4, his commentating style, and the growth of Super Smash Bros.

Alright, first things first. What are your impressions of Smash 4?

Kershaw: We played Smash 4 almost the whole way out here and it’s very defensive. If it’s slower and more defensive like Brawl and doesn’t change, I’ll probably just stick to Project M.

DD: You’re a commentator and organizer over at Xanadu Games in Baltimore. Are you guys planning on doing anything with Smash 4?

We want to do some stuff with it, yeah. I was actually at the midnight release and I saw some kids playing it in the parking lot but I didn’t have any cards. I didn’t want to just wander up to them. I thought that might be a little creepy…

Do you think that the new game is an opportunity to get more people involved in Smash?

I think that when Smash 4 is released, Melee attendance will fall a little bit. After that though, I think we can use the new game and its popularity to get more kids involved in Melee.

Your commentary style is obviously quite unique. It’s funny, it’s edgy, and it’s a lot less reserved than most. Is that just your personality?

Look, I like to do commentary that I enjoy and I find entertaining. If I don’t enjoy it, then why would I do it?

I’ve noticed that you like to use humor to connect with your audience.

Yeah, I like to include a lot of pop-culture references. There’s a lot of technical terms in this game and putting them in pop-culture terms helps translate them to a broader audience.

For example, I like to use the term “GameStop Trades.” It’s when you and your opponent hit each other and you end up losing a stock of trade. It looked good at first, but then it turned out to be terrible.

This is the biggest that Big House 4 has ever been. How long until we see Smash in stadiums?

[Kershaw laughs]

Well, I think that we’re definitely going to grow with the release of Smash 4. This crowd is awesome and obviously Apex is going to be huge. I’m looking forward to seeing us grow.