Xbox Live servers appear to be down

Xbox is experiencing some issues.

Image via Microsoft

Thousands of users have reported problems with Xbox Live, leaving them unable to connect to multiplayer games online. 

Earlier today there was a huge spike in reports, most of which related to the online servers and logins. Over the last 24 hours there were over 90,000 issues reported, according to DownDetector

Screengrab via DownDetector

The issues tend to be centralized in popular areas including Western Europe and across the east coast in the United States. Reports span all around the world, however. These reports mainly consist of server issues, but some have had issues with friends lists and leaderboards. 

This means that some players may not be able to play online and will be forced to play single-player games for the time being. Others may be unable to join a friend’s party or live chat while some can’t access their friends list.

Although the servers have been down for around an hour, Microsoft has not yet implemented a fix. Although this issue will likely be corrected soon considering this server outage is widespread. There isn’t a workaround for online server issues.

Although Xbox players are currently experiencing issues, other platforms like PlayStation 4 are up-and-running while and Steam are both fully functional. If players have another console, now is the time to switch.

Players can keep up to date on a potential fix for these issues by following the Xbox Support Twitter which will announce the fix or workaround.