The Olympians Said So Party Up event kicks off today in Smite

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Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios is offering Smite fans an in-game event this weekend that’s simply too good to pass up.

The Olympians Said So event kicks off today in Smite.

The Olympians Said So event starts today and will last until April 19. The event includes a ton of discounts on a few exclusive skins, as well as deals on some of the most coveted chests.

Even if you’re not interested in spending any of your precious gems, there are still a few reasons for you to be excited about the event. Starting today, players will be able to earn tons of Worshippers, XP, and Favor through the event.

Anytime you’re in a party with one other person, you’ll receive double the Favor, Worshippers, and XP. But if you decide to party up with three or more people, you’ll earn three times as much Worshippers, Favor, and XP. If you and your gaming crew needed plans for this weekend, you have them now.

If you do have gems burning a hole in your digital pocket, there are a few different deals you may want to look into. Right now, Fernando Ares, Cute Cultivator Persephone, and Crime Boss Kuzenbo are all available in the store for a discounted price of 1,000 gems.

You can also get the Steam Buzz Chest, Easy Freezy Chest, and Slimy Blob Chest for 25 percent off at a price of 300 gems.

You’ll have until April 19 to earn oodles of Worshipers with your pals and to take a crack at some of these solid deals. You can head into Smite with a party and start earning extra rewards right now.