The first major patch for Battlefield 2042 goes live today

It's aiming to improve gameplay and fix some major issues.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 had a rocky start, to say the least. The game ended up in the top 10 worst games on Steam, and players complained about countless bugs, issues with optimization, lack of innovations when compared to the previous installments of the franchise, and other aspects of the game.

Now, DICE is trying to answer some of those complaints. The game developer is releasing the first big update for the game today.

The patch is called “Update Two” and will primarily focus on improving some key aspects of the game, including the gunplay. One particularly troublesome element was the spread—”the angle by which your bullet may deviate from where you are currently aiming at,” according to an official blog post. The spread tended to be “too high” on many weapons, and the patch aims to tone that feature down.

The update will also tweak some of Battlefield 2042‘s vehicles. The LCAA Hovercraft, for instance, will see changes in today’s update, with the team changing its health “to bring it more in line with its design.” DICE will also improve how revives and respawns work. The Nightbird’s 20mm cannon will also generate less splash damage after the patch.

This week, DICE also announced the next update, which will modify maps, progression, interface, and other aspects of the game. The announcement gives players an idea of what to look for when the next update launches in early December.