The best tank classes to play in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Lead the charge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Having a strong tank player is perhaps the most important thing any raid or mythic dungeon team needs to perform well. 

While it’s important to have damage dealers and healers, tanks that know how to use every tool in their kit can help make up for other players’ mistakes. 

With the release of Shadowlands this week, there are a number of changes that all classes have experienced going into the new content that will change the dynamics of tanking any PvE content.

Unlike DPS, where there is a wide variety of classes and specializations, there are only six different tank classes in WoW, and each has their own specialities. 

Because Blizzard will inevitably make hotfixes throughout Shadowlands to balance each tank class, it’s impossible to say that one class will be the absolute best in every situation. Currently, however, there are a few tank classes that stand out.

Though any player that’s skilled enough can make a class look good, we’ve compiled a list of the top few tank specializations you might want to try.

Protection Paladin

If you’re looking for a class that will give you the highest ceiling in both raids and mythic dungeons alike, Paladin is probably your best bet. 

With immunities and some of the best damage mitigation in the game, Paladins can make up for less-than-stellar healing in dungeons and can soak one-shot mechanics in raids without dying. 

At the same time, the class provides more damage and utility than other tank classes. Whether you’re stunning an enemy with Hammer of Justice or saving a teammate by giving them a Blessing of Sacrifice, there are tons of ways to assist your friends by tanking as a Paladin.

Brewmaster Monk

As a master of drunken kungfoo, Brewmasters are maybe the most fun tanking class to play in WoW. In Shadowlands, the class will be one of the best tanks for raiding, and at the same time, they won’t be all that bad in dungeons either.

For raiding, Brewmasters have consistently been one of the best damage mitigation tanks in the game. The class’ Stagger mechanic lets Brewmasters delay all physical damage, giving them time to use their tool kit or get a heal from a support player.

Meanwhile in dungeons, Brewmasters’ ability to corral an abundance of mobs with tools like the newly buffed Breath of Fire ability is a way to not only generate threat, but it can help the class move up the damage meters as well.

In Battle for Azeroth, the lack of damage from Brewmasters made them less likely to be taken in higher mythic keystones, but that could shift slightly this expansion.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

You likely won’t be asked to tank in a raid as a Demon Hunter. Unlike Paladins and Brewmasters, your damage mitigation won’t be up to snuff. This isn’t anything new compared to Battle for Azeroth

If you’re looking to run mythic keystones, however, Demon Hunter has some of the highest self-sustain and damage output you could ask for.

Vengeance Demon Hunters won’t be able to do all content at the highest level, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing the class if you like tanking in dungeons. You just might have to respec to Havoc and DPS in raids to maximize your gear.