The best running backs in Madden NFL 21

Here are the most dominant ball-carriers.

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The NFL is blessed with a number of amazing running backs in 2021—so the same can be said for their digital counterparts in Madden NFL 21.

While a fast-moving QB can dominate a game, a solid running back option can make all the difference to keep your opponent on their heels and guessing what’s coming next. Play-action passes are only as good as your HB.

These days, a good running back has to have speed, strength, and the ability to catch passes out of the backfield. Versatility is the name of the game in both the NFL and Madden.

These are the guys you want to have the ball in their hands on a critical third down. Here are the best halfbacks in Madden NFL 21.

Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers)

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98 OVR
92 SPD
93 ACC
72 STR
97 AGI
94 AWR
82 CTH
97 CAR

Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns)

96 OVR
92 SPD
91 ACC
85 STR
83 AGI
97 AWR
67 CTH
97 CAR

Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans)

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95 OVR
92 SPD
89 ACC
87 STR
86 AGI
95 AWR
62 CTH
94 CAR

Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings)

94 OVR
92 SPD
92 ACC
74 STR
94 AGI
92 AWR
71 CTH
87 CAR

Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints)

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94 OVR
89 SPD
94 ACC
77 STR
93 AGI
96 AWR
76 CTH
92 CAR

Top 10 (as of Jan. 27, 2021)

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