The best playbooks in Madden 22

Dominate the field with the right plays.

Image via EA

Madden as a franchise has been around for decades at this point and some select features of the game have remained the same for most of its lifespan. While players might want some newly implemented features, there are several that are simply an integral part of football. Playbooks, whether it’s on offense or defense, are one of those select features. In Madden 22, players can once again pick from the 32 total playbooks.

Of course, each playbook is designed differently. Some offensive playbooks might feature a West Coast offense while others are more focused on the run or pass. The same can be said for defensive playbooks since coaches of NFL teams run various styles of defense to match their personnel on the field.

If players are looking to experiment with different styles of play or want the best playbook for their offense or defense, they came to the right place. Here are the best Madden 22 playbooks for both offense and defense.

Offensive playbooks

First up are the playbooks that most players will want to determine first. Offense is by far the most enjoyable aspect of on-field gameplay in Madden 22. But if players don’t have the right playbook for the offense they want to run, it can turn into a disaster quickly.

The best overall offensive playbooks in Madden 22 are listed below.

Baltimore Ravens

If players want to run the ball profusely in Madden 22, there’s no better playbook to equip than that of the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach John Harbaugh has broken numerous records for rushing in his time at the helm of the Ravens and the playbook is a major reason why. Baltimore has several formations designed around the run.

From Pistol to Shotgun formations, players have the option to completely fool their opponent or dominate the ground game in the trenches.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ offensive playbook is often used by players who aren’t exactly sure what kind of offense they want to run. The playbook features almost every formation available in Madden 22, making it a perfect choice for those who want to completely customize their offense from the ground up. It also serves as a terrific building block for players who want to decide what kind of plays they want to run on offense.

Both rushing and passing attacks are usable with Las Vegas’ playbook. But the Raiders are missing some formations, such as Gun Trips TE, which might not make it suitable for players who know exactly what they’re looking for in an offense playbook. In that case, players might want to go with another team’s offense.

Kansas City Chiefs

Like the Baltimore Ravens’ rushing attack, the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive playbook is designed for players who want to pass, pass, pass. Head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes are the best in the NFL at going deep with well-designed passing plays. There are numerous Pistol, Shotgun, and Singleback formations that players can choose from, among others.

With these formations and the plays available within them, players will be able to make use of their wideouts better than they could with any other playbook in Madden 22. It might pay off to have a quick receiver on the outside to really open up the defense with the Chiefs’ playbook.

Defensive playbooks

On the other side of the field, players will also need a strong defensive playbook so they’re not constantly getting scored against, which would render a good offensive playbook almost useless. The defensive playbooks in Madden 22 aren’t as varied as the offensive ones but each one does offer some varying formations that are different from one another.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh has famously been running a 3-4 defense for years under head coach Mike Tomlin—and that doesn’t change in Madden 22. The Steelers’ playbook makes use of every player on the field to stop the offense from moving the ball. The playbook is one of the most varied when it comes to the 3-4 defense, allowing players to use different positions and players to counter an opposing offense.

New England Patriots

In recent years, Madden players have been moving away from the standard 3-4 and 4-3 defenses and going toward Nickel sets. The New England Patriots use different Nickel sets more than most teams in the NFL, making their defense playbook a hot commodity. One of the best formations to pop up in Madden over the years has been the Big Nickel package, which comes standard in the Patriots’ playbook.

If players are looking for a more balanced defensive playbook, New England offers different sets across the board to keep offenses on their toes.

Alternate 46

We decided to also include the Alternate 46 defensive playbook since it does everything the New England playbook does but a little bit better. This playbook is often not on the radar of many new Madden players since it isn’t one of the 32 NFL teams’ playbooks. This does not diminish the versatility players can achieve while using this playbook, however.

Like New England’s playbook, Alternate 46 offers varying Nickel sets, including the popular Big Nickel package. There are also some formations to change things up on the fly, confusing the opposing offense. With the base formations in the Alternate 46 playbook, players are able to call audibles at the line and directly counter most of what the offense will throw at them.

Minnesota Vikings

Of course, we had to throw in a playbook that uses the 4-3 defense. The Minnesota Vikings use this defensive set better than anyone in Madden 22 with several formations that can stymie an offense. This playbook is more suited for use against the computer since online players tend to use plays and call audibles that can get around the 4-3 defense with ease.

But against the computer, the Vikings’ 4-3 can earn players sacks abound and make it difficult for the opposing quarterback to find open targets downfield.

Determining which playbook is right for you will take some time, but these are the best ones players should try out before any others in Madden 22.