The best K-pop Heardle games

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It isn’t 2000 anymore, but flash games have become trendy again. Wordle popularized those kinds of casual games a few months ago, giving players a five-letter English word to find out each day.

The game gives hints by highlighting the correct letter in green if it is in the right place or yellow if the letter is included in the word but not in the same placement. The game can get addicting because it gives a new word every day and players can see and share their results with their friends.

Heardle was launched following this trend, featuring songs instead of words. Players have to find out a song by listening to its intro, earning more seconds of listening at each attempt, up to six. Naturally, countless variants have been introduced afterward.

The K-pop genre wasn’t forgotten by fans. There are dozens of Heardles made for specific bands and themes. It’s a great way to test out your K-pop knowledge, and also to discover some titles since you can listen to them in their entirety when you’ve tried all attempts or found the answer.

Here is the list of the best K-pop Heardle games.

The best K-pop Heardle games

K-pop Heardle

K-pop Heardle entirely replicates the original Heardle game. It features the same rules, same daily limit, website layout, and reveal principle. It’s undoubtedly the most popular Heardle for the K-pop genre.

Based on a few days of playing, it includes many recent songs. K-pop fans who are up to date with the latest hits will likely hit the mark more often.

K-pop band-specific Heardles

If you mainly follow a few K-pop bands rather than listening to all of the hits and classics, some specific Heardle games might be better for you.

Heardles for pretty much all of the popular bands have appeared, but some of them have been taken down due to inactivity or for a variety of other reasons. Here is a list of some of them that are still active:

Idol-specific Heardles

It’s the same principle, but for solo artists, this time. Here are some of them:

If you don’t see your favorite band or artist on this list, you can try and enter their name in the URL part preceding -heardle and hope for the best. If it doesn’t give a satisfactory result, that means it hasn’t been created yet or was shut down.