The best Elden Ring mods

Download some add-ons to improve the Elden Ring experience.

Image via FromSoftware

The mod community for Elden Ring has begun to develop and thrive. Shortly after the game was released by developer FromSoftware, modders got to work to try and improve it in various ways. Of course, other modders developed add-ons that are solely aimed to make the game easier or more difficult, as is the case with every other FromSoft title on PC.

So far, the mod community has produced several Elden Ring mods that all PC players should consider downloading. If players don’t want to sift through the entire mod database, though, they can read our picks for the best mods released so far.

Easy Mode for Elden Ring

This mod is as self-explanatory as they come. Some newcomers to the FromSoft style of games might not enjoy the difficulty spikes in Elden Ring. From the start, the game challenges players with the intelligent A.I. and tough-to-master combat system. With the Easy Mode mod, though, players can make the experience much less challenging. The mod changes these elements in Elden Ring:

  • Reduce 50 percent of incoming damage
  • Player deals 25 percent more damage
  • Get 10x Runes

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.

Melina as Spirit Summon

Sticking with the theme of making Elden Ring slightly easier, this mod adds Melina as a summonable Spirit Ash. Spirit Ashes have been a point of controversy within the community since some FromSoft purists argue they make the game far too simple. If players don’t necessarily care about sticking to purity, they can download this mod to summon Melina to fight alongside them. Melina has a healing spell and two magical damaging attacks.

To loot this Spirit Ash, players can choose to replace the Jellyfish Ashes that Roderika gives out in the Stormhill Shack. If players like the Jellyfish, though, they can also choose to replace the Assassin Tiche summons.

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.

Ranged Weapons Overhaul

The ranged weapons in Elden Ring aren’t too powerful compared to the other combat options in the game. The bows and crossbows take a while to shoot, don’t deal a ton of damage, and require arrows as ammunition, which can run out quickly. The Ranged Weapons Overhaul mod aims to improve the bows and crossbows in the game to make them a more viable combat option. Every bow, greatbow, ballista, and crossbow in Elden Ring has been rebalanced in some way and players will also gain more arrows from crafting.

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.

Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod

The previous three mods on this list have been centered around improving the gameplay experience of Elden Ring. But this one is more about having some fun in the Lands Between. The mod replaces the starting Tree Sentinel boss in Limgrave with a fully-fledged model of Thomas the Tank Engine. Only the Tree Sentinel’s horse is replaced with the train, so players will still have to watch out for the boss’ large halberd and shield attacks.

Thomas the Tank Engine has the same attacks as the horse does, so players don’t want to get too close unless they want to get stomped on. This fight is infamous for dropping players’ frame rate and this mod doesn’t help on that front, so be prepared for a choppy encounter.

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.

Unlock the Framerate

On PC, Elden Ring is capped at 60 FPS no matter what rig players are using. This mod bypasses that cap and allows players to run at unlimited frames per second. There are some customization options with the mod but, for the most part, players will be able to use the highest possible refresh rate on their monitor for a much smoother experience.

It’s recommended players cap their framerate at whatever their monitor’s refresh rate is. This increases performance and allows the player’s PC to maintain a steady FPS in-game.

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.

Elden Reshade – HDR FX

The final mod on this list aims to improve the overall graphical fidelity of Elden Ring. While the Lands Between already looks fantastic, the HDR FX reshade improves any lacking areas with a splash of vibrant color. Mainly, the mod eliminates the gray areas that cover some regions and locations in Elden Ring. It also adds a blur to distant objects, such as mountains, to add more detail to the character and any enemy or location directly in front of them.

It’s recommended for players to first check out screengrabs of the mod in action to see if it’s the kind of graphics they want to see.

Download the mod here on Nexus Mods.