The best Baron Samedi build in SMITE

Here's how you carry with Baron Samedi.

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Baron Samedi is a well-rounded god who can provide a lot of utility to his team in SMITE. He’s strong all-around throughout the entire duration of the game due to his kit, which features a lot of sustain and crowd control.

Due to your high range, you have a great laning phase and can zone out most other solo laners with ease. While there are some hard counters to your champion such as King Arthur or Sun Wukong, you can withstand even them by playing safely and farming up for the later stages of the game.

Here is the best Baron Samedi build in SMITE.


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Skill order: R>W>Q>E. You want to max Consign Spirits (W) first because it allows you to clear waves while also dealing damage to opposing gods. On top of that, if you hit an opposing god you get a heal as well, which makes your laning phase quite easy. Afterwards, you want to max Vivid Gaze (Q) to make your wave clear even more reliable and then finish up by maxing Wrap It Up (E).

Starting items

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Start with Mage’s Blessing, Healing Potion, Boots, and Baron’s Brew. With this start, you’ll have great sustain during the laning phase, giving you enough time to scale into the mid-game. On top of that, the Mage’s Blessing will solve your early mana issues, which you’ll have since you need to spam a lot of Qs and Ws to clear waves.

Core items

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The core items you want to purchase are Shoes of Focus, Stone of Binding, Lotus Crown. Shoes of Focus provide a lot of mana alongside cooldown reduction, making them one of the best boot choices in the game. Stone of Binding is a cheap item which synergizes well with your kit. By landing your Q, you can reduce the protections of the enemy gods for a couple of seconds. Lotus Crown is another item that synergies well with your kit—specifically your W, increasing your allies’ protections.

Late-game items

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For your late game, there are plenty of viable options. But you need to adjust your build depending on the game situation. Great items to acquire are Pridwen, Ethereal Staff, Spirit Robe, or Soul Reaver.

Pridwen is a tanky item, giving you cooldown reduction and increasing your resistances. Additionally, it gives you a huge shield once you finish casting your ultimate, making you much more difficult to kill.

Ethereal Staff is an overall great mage item, allowing you to steal maximum health and mana from enemy gods and making it easier to take down tanks.

Spirit Robe enhances your tankiness by giving you additional resistances and crowd-control reduction, while Soul Reaver is a great last slot item to enhance your damage.

Game plan

Early on, you need to farm up safely and slowly scale into the later stages of the game where you can provide a lot of utility to your team. It’s important to remember that it’s worth giving up some farm early on to avoid snowballing your enemy. Even if you go even during the laning phase, the utility your bring to your team will be beneficial.

As the game goes on and you slowly get your core items, aim to group up and take objectives with your team. Look for the carries on your team and aim to stick around them to heal them and provide utility. Without any movement abilities in your kit, you’ll be vulnerable if you stick in the frontline, so try to position safely in the backline.

Towards the late game, look what your opponent is building and adjust your build and game plan accordingly. You’ll reach a point where you’ll be tanky if you built properly and will be difficult to kill while buffing up your team. Look for good ultimate angles to hit the entire enemy team, which can help your win teamfights.

While Baron Samedi is a difficult champion due to lacking movement abilities compared to most gods in SMITE, with proper positioning and enough practice, you can use his kit to great lengths to help you achieve victories.