The 5 best new icons in FIFA 20

These are players that will help you to beat the opponents on Ultimate Team.

Screengrab via EA Sports FIFA YouTube

EA Sports revealed today the rating and some of the stats for the 14 new playable icons in FIFA 20.

Icons are great assets to your club in FIFA Ultimate Team. Not only they are some of the best players stats-wise, but they offer at least a weak link to any player, which gives a great boost to the squad’s chemistry.

Here are five new icons that probably will win some games for your club.

Zinédine Zidane

Image via EA Sports

Zidane is an obvious pick. The former Real Madrid and Juventus player, who won a World Cup with France in 1998 and retired in 2006, was one of the best-attacking midfielders that football has produced in the last 30 years.

His prime card is a 96 overall, just a few points below the 98-rated Argentinian Diego Maradona and 99-rated Brazilian Pelé. Zidane will be deadly with his overall 94 of dribbling, 95 of passing, and 91 of shooting.

The Frenchman won’t be the fastest player on the field because of his pace, but he will be able to play 90 minutes with a physical rating of 85.

Mané Garrincha

Image via EA Sports

One of the most skilled wingers in football history, Garrincha won two World Cups with Brazil in 1958 and 1962. The Brazilian had a problem with his legs; the right one was six centimeters shorter than the right, but that was what made Garrincha so lethal in the field.

His prime card is a 94 overall, which makes him one of the best right wingers in FIFA 20, alongside George Best and Luis Figo. Garrincha will have a 96 rating in dribbling, 94 in passing, and 90 in pace.

Unfortunately, he won’t have the physical to play the entire game, and he probably won’t contribute on defense either. Some say that the best defense is actually the attack, though.

Carlos Alberto Torres

Image via EA Sports

The captain. Torres earned this nickname after Brazil won the 1970 World Cup. Torres was the leader of that team, in addition to being one of the best full-backs of all time.

His prime card is 93 overall and is good in almost every aspect apart from shooting, but you can’t expect to score goals with a full-back, right? He will be one of the fastest and strongest players in FIFA 20 with these stats, however.

Torres also will be good as a center-back since one of his cards is an 87 overall center-back.

Hugo Sánchez

Image via EA Sports

After Torres, we’re back to the offensive players. Sánchez, who played for Real Madrid during the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, will be one of the best icon strikers, similar to Englishman Gary Lineker and upcoming Scottish player Kenny Dalglish.

We chose him instead of Dalglish because Sánchez has better pace, shooting, passing, and physical. The Mexican’s best card is a 92 overall, but his other cards aren’t bad either.

Ronald Koeman

Image via EA Sports

Ronald Koeman, formerly of Ajax and Barcelona, won one Champions League with each team. He was one of the best defenders of his generation and will be a top card in FIFA 20.

Not only will Koeman be highly-rated, but he’ll provide a strong link to other Dutch center-backs, like Virgil Van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt. Van Dijk and de Ligt are players that are very good but sometimes hard to properly link in the squad, so Koeman is the proverbial glue to keep them all together.

Koeman will have an overall of 88 shooting and will certainly help in the free-kicks and penalties.